Welcome to the ILLUMINATE Mastermind for heart-centered healers, entrepreneurs & leaders.

What's Included

  • 7 months of Mastermind Coaching (38 total training sessions)
  • Two Group Mastermind coaching sessions per month on Mondays at 12 PM PT (dedicated coaching time for your specific project + goals, group collaboration and solution sharing).
  • Seven 45-min One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Shannon to be scheduled over the 7-month period. 
  • One Practical Online Business Training module per month on a Tuesday at 9AM PT (covering topics like online course content development, creating a customer avatar, Facebook marketing training, Instagram best practices, time management elevation skills, and other online business tools).
  • One Strengthen Your Spiritual Practice Training module per month on a Tuesday at 9AM PT (including meditations, visualizations, A Course In Miracles teachings, breathwork, yoga, and healing).
  • An intimate group of 11 inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers who are ready to make it happen!
  • Facebook Messenger Group Support (like having 11 beautiful accountability partners)
  • Weekly accountability and action items (get ready to accelerate your business by taking aligned action).

PLUS! You will also receive these special bonus gifts when you sign up now:

  • TWO (2) tickets to the first ILLUMINATE live event in 2019! (Valued at $997 each) 
  • Awaken.Yoga - 6 month Memebership (Valued at $114)
  • LIT Welcome Gift Package from Shannon, mailed directly to your home (priceless!) 

The ILLUMINATE Mastermind will kick off on Monday May 7th at 12PM PT. 

All replay call recordings will be available for the lifetime of ILLUMINATE Mastermind.

Check out what ILLUMINATE clients are saying about working with Shannon: 

“The best investment I ever made in my career” —Megan Darling
“It changed everything” —Carolyn Monden
"Spiritual but practical coaching style" —Kimi Morton
“Blowing my mind with new ways of seeing things” —Alice B. 
"The exact training my spirit needed” — Aparna Venkataraman


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